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Don’t Let Obsolescence Manage You

AMSYS and SiliconExpert LIVE Q&A

AMSYS and SiliconExpert LIVE Q&A - Don’t Let Obsolescence Manage You

It is a virtual certainty that every part becomes obsolete at some point.  How obsolete parts affect your production lines is less certain.  If you employ a reactive strategy, obsolescence will have a far greater effect than if you choose to be proactive.  Bjoern Bartels and Oliver Hoffman have years of experience setting customers up for success in an ever-changing environment.  They have real-world experience and best practices to follow.  And they’re here to answer your questions.

Back by popular demand, Bjoern Bartels, Managing Director of AMSYS and Oliver Hoffmann, EMEA Director at SiliconExpert are coming together again (Not in the same room, we don’t have insurance for that!) to answer your specific questions on mitigating the risk of obsolescence.  There is a growing number of reasons why parts become obsolete.  Our experts can help you navigate through them to avoid line down situations.  Join us for a spirited discussion on the best strategies on managing parts to avoid negative consequences.

Bjoern and Oliver always have plenty of discussion.  For the best chance of getting your specific question answered send it to Partners@siliconexpert.com.

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