Supply Chain Module

GeoRisk & Market Forecast

See relevant news and data impacting your global supply chain. Manage Lead time, Pricing, and Availability for your parts.

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Ukraine-Russia Insights Reports

To keep you in the know and proactive to the possible impacts to your direct supply chain, we have created a bundled Russia/Ukraine Impacts report.  We hope you find this informative and as a reminder that we are here to assist if you need a deeper dive custom report.

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Interactive Map

Identify and assess granular COO (country of origin) data such as test sites, wafer sites, and assembly sites based on product line and manufacturer.

Manufacturer Data

View detailed manufacturer information, relevant news, acquisitions, and new product introductions (NPI).


Analyze pricing and lead time Trends across different product lines leveraging our machine learning prediction algorithms.

Risk Grade

Determine low, medium, and high risk utilizing our supply chain algorithm which can be configured.

Site Breakdown

Locate which parts are affected according to a breakdown of multi-site versus single-site assembly facilities.


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