Search over 1 Billion Electronic and Mechanical Components

Proactively identify semiconductors, passives, and electromechanical components at risk and gain an in-depth look into their lifecycle statuses, multi-sourcing, available inventory, and environmental compliance data.


Parametric Search

Find the right part without knowing the MPN. Use a keyword, set of technical specs, or the general type of component to find the best part.


Mitigate Risk

Identify components at risk, monitor lifecycle status, RoHS/REACH, Conflict Minerals, and years-to-end-of-life.


Cross Reference & Replacement

Find by form-fit-function (FFF) crosses for billions of electronic components.

Key Features

Search 1 Billion electronic components for cross-references, lifecycle, parametric, obsolescence management (forecasts), regulation compliance, and inventory data. A subscription to Part Search gives you instant access to the data you need to make better decisions with an easy-to-use search bar.

Parametric Search


Search using partial, complete description, or family entries. Further, specify using parametric attributes and boolean searches.

Part Detail


View parametric, package, regulation compliance, obsolescence forecasts, component risk, datasheet histories and inventory from authorized distributors.

Regulatory and Compliance


Identify non-compliant components with data for environmental and governmental legislations such as REACH, RoHS, WEEE & Conflict Minerals.



Compare up to 8 electronic components side-by-side to simplify decision making.

  •  Environmental Compliance
  •  Component Comparisons
  •  Community Collaboration
  •  New Product Introductions
  •  Product Change Notifications
  •  Briefcases & Labels
  •  Customerized Views


Supplier Impact Free Report

SiliconExpert has been actively developing new tools to support our customers during the Coronavirus Outbreak. We are working with suppliers to assess the impact and have created a Suppliers Impact Report, refreshed weekly.

Coronavirus Impact Updates

Collecting critical data, identifying the impacts on the supply chain, assessing geo risk score on multiple levels are some of the key initiatives that SiliconExpert is taking monitor the Coronavirus outbreak. 

Latest Blogs on Covid-19

As the global leader in parts management and data analysis, SiliconExpert has quickly responded to the Coronavirus Outbreak and provided up-to-date information on how the pandemic impacts on the supply chain.