Why Google & similar web search engines fail to understand the needs of the Electronics industry in comparison to vertical search engines.
White Paper Abstract
The use of traditional, horizontal search engines such as Google or Yahoo in the electronics industry to locate parts information has resulted in a number of costly inefficiencies. Large amounts of manhours are lost to meticulous data combing. Part selection is sub-optimal, and at-risk parts are either not identified as such or cannot accurately have their level of risk determined.

By contrast, the use of vertical search engines can provide electronics manufacturers and part distributors with not only a larger amount of useful parts data, but with preperformed analysis of that data. In effect, the use of vertical search engines can turn data into actionable intelligence, which can reduce man-hours, cut costs, and improve part selection and risk management. This whitepaper makes the case that all electronics manufacturing OEMs and distributors, regardless of size, would greatly benefit from the use of vertical search engines for their part selection, procurement and part risk management needs.