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SiliconExpert's platform caters to the needs of a wide variety of roles across a breadth of industries ensuring widespread supply chain visibility.


Healthcare and medical device companies deal with stringent regulations, compliance, and complicated manufacturing standards. Our compliance solutions and services can ensure the components used are fully compliant within the marketed region while also being cost-effective and low risk in terms of lifecycle, ensuring consistent production over a long period of time.

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Industrial manufacturers are challenged by inconsistencies in inventory levels and increasing costs in materials and shipping. Our solutions can keep tabs on inventory levels and send automated alerts when levels drop drastically. Procurement teams can also view all current components at a multi-BOM level and isolate parts with low inventory or high costs, then provide alternative pin-to-pin options to seamlessly revamp products without the need for redesigning.

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Telecommunications organizations contend with high compliance costs and obsolescence risk. Our extensive database provides full environmental compliance regulatory data as well as a machine learning algorithm that accurately predicts years to end-of-life. Paired with our supply chain visibility solutions, telecom manufacturers can build products with long lifecycles while proactively planning against supply chain disruptors.

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The automotive manufacturing industry consistently faces supply chain shortages. Both OEMs and Tier 1 suppliers are looking for more visibility into their supply chain and proactively solve disruption risks. Our solutions alert customers of shortages immediately and give current trends on inventory, price, and lead time to help manufacturers deliver automobiles on time while using safe and compliant parts.

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Compute & Storage

The current computer hardware and storage industry is challenged by a shortage as well as a high demand for PC parts, especially GPU’s, processors and memory chips. Our tools not only provide operational data like lead time or inventory levels, but also provide risk analysis and can send automated alerts if a supply chain critical event threatens the delivery of a chip from a particular facility.

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Consumer Electronics

Consumer electronics manufacturers must stay ahead of tight product delivery timelines while contending with constant supply chain disruptions threatening to delay production. Manufacturers may even revise product designs when components are unavailable or obsolete. Our tools can help engineers design with supply chain in mind, using parts that are compliant and have a low risk of obsolescence.

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Aerospace & Defense

Defense and aerospace manufacturers must source parts with high reliability or enhancements for military and space use. The industry has struggled with the risk of supply chain disruptions and the issue of combating counterfeit parts. Our solutions can provide visibility into fabrication and assembly, while also reducing the risk of contaminating the product with counterfeits with our proprietary counterfeit risk algorithms and automated GIDEP report alerts when a risk emerges.

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