Frequently Asked Questions

Platform and Services Questions

What is included in your data?
Can I schedule a demo to see a full view of the capabilities of this solution?
What is the difference between Part Search and BOM Manager?
How can I access SiliconExpert data through my current PLM, RFQ, or EDA platform?
How do I know the data quality is verified and valid?
How can I Try Before I Buy to ensure the data for my specific parts are available?
How much does it cost after the trial?
How many users are included in a license?
Does the SiliconExpert Free Trial include all features and functionality of the P5 Platform?
What compliance data is available in SiliconExpert?
What is the difference between SiliconExpert API and SiliconExpert CONNECT?
What type of professional services does SiliconExpert offer?
How do I get a quote on new services?
How often are min. and max. lead times updated?
Where do you get the component data from?
How often is average pricing is updated?
What is the process is a part I need is not in the database?
Are lead times updated daily?

Supplier Data

How many suppliers are included in the SiliconExpert components database?
I want to become a SiliconExpert supplier and have my components marketed to SiliconExpert users. How do I get started?

BOM Manager

What is a BOM?
What is BOM Management?
What types of components are listed in the SiliconExpert Part Search and BOM Manager database?
What product details does the SiliconExpert provide through the P5 Platform?
How does BOM grading improve my BOM?
How can I manage environmental and supply chain compliance obligations?
How do you upload a BOM?

Part Search

What is a Part Search, or Parametric Search tool?
What types of components are listed in the SiliconExpert Part Search database?
What product details does SiliconExpert provide through the P5 Platform?
How can I manage environmental and supply chain compliance obligations?
What if I cannot find the part I am searching for?
What if I am not seeing any crosses/alternatives for my part?
Where do you get your PCN information
How do you calculate risk? What factors are your risk algorithms built around?


What is an ACL?
What is an AML?
Why is an ACL important?
Why is an AML important?


What is the Alert Management tool?
What types of automated alerts are available to SiliconExpert users?
How will I be notified of the alerts?
How quickly are alerts triggered and sent?


How can I manage environmental and supply chain compliance obligations?
What are the restricted materials in RoHS?
Which RoHS materials have an assigned CAS Number?
What are RoHS Exemptions?
What is the penalty for RoHS non-compliance?
What’s the difference between REACH and RoHS?
How often is REACH updated?
What are the penalties for REACH non-compliance?
California Prop 65 – What do “No Significant Risk Level” and "Maximum Acceptable Dose Level" mean?
What are the penalties for Cal Prop 65 non-compliance?
What is a Conflict Mineral “Roll Up Report”?
How do I know if my company must create a Conflict Mineral Roll Up Report?
How can I determine if my product contains Conflict Minerals?
How are chemical report used? Beyond just yes or no compliant.
What is the difference between SCIP and SVHC.


What is the difference between API and SEConnect?
If I have SEConnect, do I get all the data I would get within the full SiliconExpert P5 Platform subscription?
Does SEConnect integrate with my broader infrastructure?
If I have a SEConnect license, does that license work for all third party platform integrations?
How is SEConnect priced?


What is an API?
Should I use a web service like P5 or a direct API?
How do I pick the package and price that is right for me?
What is the difference between the Silver and Gold packages?
What does it mean to be per part and not per query for the quota?
What queries will decrement my quota?
How do I check what's left in my quota during my contract term?
What are my options for adjusting my quota?
Where can I find API documentation?
I have an API subscription, how do I access the data?
I received an error message when authenticating my session.
A call I've used for years has stopped working.
I use a PLM. Is it a SiliconExpert Partner?
The API doesn't precisely fit my needs, can you customize a query or implementation for me?
What is the price difference between API and channel partner API and why?
Should I purchase from SiliconExpert or a channel partner?

Professional Services

What are some of SiliconExpert's Professional Services offerings?
When did you start building your component database?
How can SiliconExpert Professional Services improve my company’s workflow?
What does SiliconExpert Professional Services do with my data?
What are the industries that can benefit from SiliconExpert Professional Services?
What is the frequency with which my data will be reported?
How will SiliconExpert Professional Services use my current data?
Who will be responsible for gathering and reporting my data?
Tell me about the tool capabilities of SiliconExpert Professional Services.
Who can access my information?
In which document formats does SiliconExpert Professional Services work?
What types of data can SiliconExpert Professional Services acquire?


 What opportunities are available to work at SiliconExpert?