Frequently Asked Questions

Platform and Services Questions

How can I Try Before I Buy to ensure the data for my specific parts are available?
What is included in your data?
Can I schedule a demo to see a full view of the capabilities of this solution?
How much does it cost after the trial?
How many users are included in a license?
What is the difference between Part Search and BOM Manager?
Does the SiliconExpert Free Trial include all features and functionality of the P5 Platform?
What compliance data is available in SiliconExpert?
How can I access SiliconExpert data through my current PLM, RFQ, or EDA platform?
What is the difference between SiliconExpert API and SiliconExpert CONNECT?
What type of professional services does SiliconExpert offer?
How do I get a quote on new services?

Supplier Data

How many suppliers are included in the SiliconExpert components database?
I want to become a SiliconExpert supplier and have my components marketed to SiliconExpert users. How do I get started?


 What opportunities are available to work at SiliconExpert?