Prepare for and respond to global disruptions

Supply Chain Risk Management (SCRM)

SCRM narrows your focus to what matters: the effects of an event that put your business at risk.

An essential risk mitigation tool, SCRM empowers its users with a deeper layer of insights into the factory sites of their parts, and risk factors associated with global events. These insights into current global disruptions allow for agile risk management and more strategic design.

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Valuable Risk Mitigation

In today’s turbulent supply chain climate, it is critical to practice thoughtful reactive and proactive risk mitigation. This allows you to quickly respond to unexpected disruptions, and even prevent disruptions from occurring.  

You can’t limit natural disasters, but you can keep production lines running when they occur with Reactive and Proactive Resilience


Proactive Resilience
Reactive Resilience

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This information is automatically aggregated and analyzed in your P5 dashboard, brought to you exclusively by SiliconExpert’s powerful AI. 

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