Risk Management

When the next natural disaster strikes near your manufacturer, or political turmoil erupts near your parts’ assembly sites, you’re going to love the peace of mind that’s only available through access to the new P5 Supply Chain Risk Management tool (SCRM).

If you need to know that your supply chain isn’t at risk despite what’s happening around the globe, then Risk Management was designed for you. It empowers its users with a deeper layer of insights into the assembly site of their parts, and how these sites may be affected by global events.

This information is automatically aggregated and analyzed in your P5 dashboard, brought to you exclusively by SiliconExpert’s powerful AI.

The Features

Risk Management comes with built-in insights for your BOMs based on proprietary AI and statistically-driven data.

Events & News Tracking

Events & News Tracking

For a holistic and comprehensive perspective, SiliconExpert’s Supply Chain module also displays events & disruptions on a global and local level by getting access to a news aggregation from over 150+ industry websites and communications from 3,000+ suppliers.

Events include things like natural disasters, pandemics, factory accidents such as fires or power outages, and political issues.

We sort through the noise to highlight only the events that impact your parts, so you can follow along with the news that matters to you and take immediate action when necessary.

We summarize every piece of news and give you an impact statement with a marked threat level, so you can quickly find the most important stories from around the globe, browsing the most relevant headlines within minutes.

Events & News Tracking

Market Forecast

Along with GeoRisk, Risk Management also gives you Market Forecast. This is where we leverage our proprietary algorithms to provide you with predictions on based on not only historical data, but also current events.

Our machine learning algorithms start by looking at over 10 years of market availability data, and then go a step further by factoring in disruptions happening today. These forecasts give you a projection of the best, worst, and most-likely outcomes.

With our short-term forecasts of prices and lead times of your components, you can be the first to know when there’s a potential price increase on your BOM and buy inventory before lead times increase.

GeoRisk Sore and Production Sites


With the SCRM module, you’ll have exclusive and unfettered access to GeoRisk analysis, giving you dynamic information on the country of origin and assembly sites of your parts, even down to the street level.

Now you can be confident that your lead times are not impacted from global events like natural disasters or factory shutdowns, with a depth of data you can’t find anywhere else.

GeoRisk Sore and Production Sites

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