Part Search

Use our PartSearch Tool to search 1 Billion semiconductors, passives & electromechanical components for cross references, lifecycle, parametric, obsolescence forecasts, regulation compliance & inventory data.

BOM Manager

Use the BOM Manager to scrub and manage Bill of Materials in one centralized location, populated with SiliconExpert data. Run detailed reports and receive email alerts when updates occur for components in your BOMs.

Data Integration Web Services

Our data integration web services allow you to take any data from SiliconExpert's component database and access it through consistent web service feeds. Use feeds to validate part numbers, populate parametric data and even grab crosses.

The most comprehensive data across the entire product life cycle


Engineering, Purchasing, Supply Chain, Compliance, Risk

Company Types

OEM, EMS/CM, Distributors, Manufacturers, Military/Aerospace


Consumer Electronics, Medical, Automotive, Transportation, Aerospace/Defense, Data Processing, Energy, Software

Improve Your Efficiency

Mitigate Risk

Easily identify components at risk and gain an in-depth look into electronic component lifecycle statuses, multi-sourcing, available inventory, and environmental compliance data. Avoid out of stock or costly last time buy situations.

Avoid Redesigns

Find form-fit-function cross references to avoid redesigns and provide multi-sourcing options that proactively help with design decisions. Plan proactively with PCN alerts, years to end of life forecasts and part risk analysis.

Save Time

Everything you need to know about billions of parts, and hundreds of product lines, from over 15,000 suppliers all in one location. The content is normalized and standardized across suppliers using a common market classification system.

What others are saying about us

SiliconExpert is cost-effective and user friendly, but the most noteworthy difference is the impact on workflow efficiency, which results in lower soft costs. Using SiliconExpert, the Qualcomm teams are able to get needed data information in one location, preventing the need for web searches and multiple phone calls and emails. It's by far the best tool I've seen."

Robert Matias

Component Specialist & Staff Manager - Qualcomm

In the past, obsolescence data was limited to available/not available stats provided directly by part manufacturers. Parts were selected with little to no insight into their obsolescence lifecycle, leaving the possibility of selecting a soon-to-be obsolete part dangerously high. We've seen some nice savings in man hours, rather than going to a bunch of different sources, which is very time consuming, we can often just go to SiliconExpert and get the data we need right away."

Len Tosto

Engineer - Northrop Grumman

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