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P⁵ Platform

Entire Product Lifecycle Management

SiliconExpert P⁵ Platform brings out the best features on our application with a brand-new Part Search, Bill-of-Materials (BOM) Analysis, Alert Management, and Supply Chain Trackers, and more.

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What is P5?

Example of SiliconExpert BOM Manager module. Highlighting the BOM Risk Grade and various attributes.

Key Features

A powerful tool engine for component engineers, design engineers, compliance managers, supply chain engineers, contract manufacturers, and OEMs in the electronics and mechanical industry.

Example of SiliconExpert BOM Manager module. Highlighting the BOM Risk Grade and various attributes.
Screen shot of SiliconExpert's Universal Part Search.

Universal Part Search

  • Easily access SiliconExpert data and your BOMs.
  • Stay up-to-date on part changes and BOM modifications.
  • Keep track of your questions and requests with our Customer Support team.

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Screen shot of SiliconExpert's Universal Part Search.

Intuitive BOM Analytics

  • Quickly assess the health of your BOM under multiple attributes such as lifecycle, multi-sourcing, compliance, and inventory.
  • Assign risk status on a part level as you review your BOM.
  • Receive suggested upgrades for parts in your BOMs.

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Proactive Alert Tracker

  • Stay informed of parts and BOMs changes with new alerts module.
  • Filter alerts to act on those that are most relevant.
  • Manage alerts: flag important alerts for further action or archive the alerts that you have finished processing.

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Add-on Features

SiliconExpert Connect

SiliconExpert has partnered with leading companies to embed our native software into design engineering tools. By staying close to the engineers, we can now serve you directly in you design and PLM environment.

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Access comprehensive component data directly within your own engineering solutions, including PLM, ERP, design, or CAD tools. Our data is updated daily, so you trust it has the latest information.

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What is included in your data?
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How can I access Silicon Expert data through my current PLM, RFQ, or EDA platform?
How do I know the data quality is verified and valid?

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