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Reduce Risks and Ensure Compliance with SiliconExpert ACL and AML

Properly managed lists of approved components and manufacturers reduce the likelihood of risky parts being added to your design. Build metrics for a holistic view of the state of your supply chain.

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Approved Manufacturer List (AML)

Having an Approved Manufacturer List (AML) reduces risk by ensuring that the manufacturers and distributers have been properly vetted by your company.

Depending on your industry, your company may have compliance requirements that limit which manufacturers and distributers you are allowed to do business with.

Limiting the number of distributers helps to reduce costs though bulk buying.

Approved Components List (ACL)

Having an ACL reduces risk by ensuring that the components you are using in your designs are the best and longest living components as possible

Properly maintained ACLs are a best practice. An ACL can save costs by ensuring bulk pricing discounts are applied to like parts purchased from the same distributor.

Provide Obsolescence Information to Those Who Need It

It’s important to have obsolescence information in a central place where the cross-functional team can access it. Get information about the approved parts to the design engineer. Make sure the supply chain manager is using the same source for decision making. Avoid risk by providing the team with a single source of truth.

Plan for Success

Make ACLs and AMLs part of your product strategy.

  • Manage Obsolescence
  • Ensure Compliance
  • Track Lead Times
  • Forecast Risks
  • Avoid Counterfeit Parts

Develop products confidently by sourcing the right parts from the beginning. Manage market risk with insights that keep you ahead of supply shifts.

Make Better Decisions, Faster

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Why is an AML important?

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