Detect and Avoid
Counterfeit Parts

For the past twenty-five years, counterfeit semiconductor components in the global marketplace have been causing economic impacts, legal conflicts, and health and safety risks. SiliconExpert offers a SaaS solution that provides readily available, sophisticated, relevant, and up-to-the-minute data that buyers need to remove counterfeit risk from their supply chain. 

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Kevin Leslie Manager | Strategic Sourcing & Proposal Support

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Counterfeit Risk Algorithm

SiliconExpert's Counterfeit Risk Algorithm measures the likelihood of this part being targeted by counterfeiters. This analysis is made through rigorous data analysis of factors such as previous instances of counterfeit activity for this manufacturer, product & technology type, historical supply chain shortages, lifecycle history, product longevity in the market and price discrepancies.

GIDEP Alerts

The Government Industry Data Exchange Program, or GIDEP, periodically releases reports regarding the emergence of counterfeits.By reporting known counterfeit issues, GIDEP alerts can help prevent the recirculation of items suspected to be counterfeit within the supply chain. Cross-referencing a GIDEP-suspected counterfeit part with your current inventory can be a time-consuming and error-prone affair. SiliconExpert can organize the information in the GIDEP alert at a part number level, filtering out any data which doesn’t pertain to parts currently in use or on order by the manufacturer.

Part Marking

SiliconExpert's Part Marking images allow users to easily compare & authenticate components. Users within the same group can flag components for counterfeit issues while including relevant data points such as lot codes & cage codes.

Authorized Inventory

SiliconExpert receives daily inventory feeds from authorized electronic distributors. Easily check inventory stock and source billions of electronic components. Average pricing and lead times are also listed.

SiliconExpert Solutions

Alert Manager

Get notified when PCNs, datasheets and lifecycle updates occur, providing you with meaningful and timely information.

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Align with the rest of your team, by using an Approved Component List during your design process.

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Compliance Module

Serving up to date information and reports on regulatory compliance such as REACH, ROHS, Packaging, Chemical Substances, Conflict Minerals, and more.

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BOM Manager

Easily upload your bill of materials and instantaneously run risk assessments on lifecycle, inventory, multi-sourcing, conflict minerals, and compliance.

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Other Benefits

Manage Obsolescence Risk

Choose the right part at the right time, manage component lifecycle and obsolescence risks, access lead time, pricing and availability analysis in easy steps.

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Meet Compliance Requirements

Identify non-compliance components with data for environmental legislation such as RoHS & REAC.

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Forecast Supply Chain

Ensure supply chain continuity and identify risks before they arise.

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Design Right the First Time

Find billions of electronics parts using partial part numbers or description searches.  Avoid unplanned redesigns.

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