Meet Compliance Requirements

The challenge posed by environmental regulations is that standards evolve continuously. Navigating these environmental regulations requires meticulous record-keeping and vigilance.

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View comprehensive coverage for all RoHS directives and amendments. See if a component part falls under an exemption and if so, the exact exemption code, type, and expiration date. Direct access to source documentation is also provided.

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Stay up to the date with latest changes in the ever-evolving REACH regulation. View if components contain SVHC, and if so, if threshold limits are exceeded. Get granular and view exact substances (by name and CAS number) along with their concentration and location.

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Conflict Minerals

Easily comply with SEC regulations, with reporting on the origin of 3TG minerals: tin, tantalum, gold, and tungsten. SiliconExpert actively monitors, collects, analyzes and aggregate conflict minerals RMI templates and supporting documentation from thousands of manufacturers.

California Proposition 65

Protect your customers from exposure to harmful chemicals and substances linked to cancer, birth defects, or reproductive harm. View if components are affected, and if so, gain insight to the exact substance name, CAS number, and associated risks involved with it.

20+ additional regulations and standards

SiliconExpert tracks over 20 additional regulations and attributes pertaining to compliance including Rare Earth Minerals, WEEE, Halogen Free, Lead Free Status, China RoHS, and more.

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Component compliance management

Keep Track of Regulations

Speak with our experts to see how SiliconExpert can help you stay ahead of the ever growing list of compliance regulations around the globe.

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SiliconExpert Solutions


Serving up to date information and reports on regulatory compliance such as REACH, ROHS, Packaging, Chemical Substances, Conflict Minerals, and more.

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Alert Manager

Get notified when PCNs, datasheets and lifecycle updates occur, providing you with meaningful and timely information.

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Professional Services

Easily upload your bill of materials and instantaneously run risk assessments on lifecycle, inventory, multi-sourcing, conflict minerals, and compliance.

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 “...SiliconExpert presented
the fastest and best solution.”

Erwan Rivet | Director of Engineering

“In the movement to normalize processes, our teams recognized SiliconExpert as the tool that helped us achieve a lot more than expected during our data transition phase. With access to unparalleled amounts of unbiased and complete component data, we immediately realized how much potential time and money could be saved just with the BOM Manager alone. With everything considered,SiliconExpert presented the fastest and best solution.”

Erwan Rivet | Director of Engineering | Honeywell

"SiliconExpert's BOM Manager has had an immediate impact on the way our component engineers review BOMs and seek second sources."

John Starr | Intermec, Inc

Other Benefits

Forecast Supply Chain Risk

Ensure supply chain continuity and identify risks before they arise.

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Manage Obsolescence Risk

Choose the right part at the right time, manage component lifecycle and obsolescence risks, access lead time, pricing and availability analysis in easy steps.

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Detect and Avoid Counterfeit Parts

Get instant access to the data you need to make smarter decisions and select the best parts for your designs.

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Design Right the First Time

Find billions of electronics parts using partial part numbers or description searches.  Avoid unplanned redesigns.

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