Product Classification Through Taxonomy

With A Database of Over Billion Parts: You Can Find The Right Component Fast

As industry 4.0 fuels technology development so does it fuel the width and depth of competitors in the electronic and mechanical components industry. Finding the exact component that will fit your product's needs means parsing through volumes of information researching form, fit and function.  SiliconExpert has developed a taxonomy that greatly simplifies this task.

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Lack of Standardization

Components with the same purpose can have different naming conventions and categorizations depending on the manufacturer.  Additional research is then required to ascertain if the part will meet the needs of a given product.  This added time and complexity can lead to avoidable errors.

SiliconExpert Taxonomy

SiliconExpert has categorized its database of over one billion parts to simplify the review of parts to fit your need.  Through our unique four-level tree structure, you can search by groups of parts that share similar characteristics.

Categorization You Can Trust

More than twenty years of experience informs the rules that SiliconExpert uses to normalize the taxonomy of various manufacturers.  Machine learning algorithms fortify the SiliconExpert taxonomy, checking accuracy with ever-increasing amounts of data.

Find the Right Part, Quickly

  • Drill down into subcategories with increasing focus.
  • Search multiple categories simultaneously to ensure that you find what you are looking for. 
  • Search and compare millions of electronic products with hundreds of attributes within minutes.

Make Better Decisions, Faster

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