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SiliconExpert's platform caters to the needs of a wide variety of roles across a breadth of industries ensuring widespread supply chain visibility.


Electronic components spend countless hours researching parts to meet stringent guidelines on specifications and lifecycle. With SiliconExpert’s tools, engineers can quickly find the parts they need using over 300 fields of part detail data, all documented. Our lifecycle prediction is powered by a machine learning algorithm to deliver the most accurate forecast on obsolescence. 

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Environmental regulations are constantly changing, making it difficult and time-consuming to remain compliant with the latest regulations. Let SiliconExpert serve as your compliance advisor, keeping you up-to-date and ahead of risks that could affect your bottom line. Gain access to 20+ regulations, full material declarations, roll-up reporting and more. 

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Supply Chain

There are no small details when you need your supply chain to run smoothly. Even the tiniest disruption has the power to render your business paralyzed. And while manually researching parts is overly complicated and time-consuming, meticulous supply chain management is more critical now than ever before. That’s where SiliconExpert’s Supply Chain Solutions come in.

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