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Product Lifecycle Plan Disruptions Can Ripple Through Every Department of a Company.

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Plan Prepare Prevent Perform Protect - SiliconExpert P5 one liner

Risk Avoidance by following the 5 P’s.

The 5 P’s for effective product lifecycle planning are critical components of best practices parts-management and product life cycle planning strategies. 

  • Plan-- for Product Development and original project BOMs,
  • Production, Obsolescence 
  • Prepare-- for the unexpected 
  • Prevent-- disruptions to Supply Chain, Production and Product
  • Life Cycle Plan 
  • Perform-- to your Product Life Cycle Plan 
  • Protect-- profitability during the entire Product Life Cycle Plan 
Plan Prepare Prevent Perform Protect - SiliconExpert P5 one liner

Which SiliconExpert Platform Solutions are right for you?

Chances are you’re dealing with disruptors and time wasters that create havoc with your product lifecycle plans and profitability. Causes of these disruptions can include Obsolescence, Compliance, Counterfeit Components, Longer Lead Times, Shortages, Supplier Verifications, and more. The correct data insight can be the solution for any business area’s day to day process.

SiliconExpert Solutions

Professional Services

SiliconExpert offers Professional Services, custom solutions outside of the standard subscription offerings.

Using custom data collection and intuitive software, data is analyzed unique to the problems your company faces on a regular basis. It’s a custom service designed to save you time and money by providing insights and ongoing updates that improve and direct your data initiatives.

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Case Studies


Case Study: Honey well - Customer Success Story

A case study on how Honeywell International, Inc.—a multinational conglomerate producer of a variety of commercial products, engineering services, and aerospace systems—has utilized SiliconExpert’s Bill-of-Materials and Part Search tools to improve their component procurement process, simplify methods of updating and analyzing current component information, and aid in transitioning towards using one electronic component database to manage all of their data.

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Northrop Grumman Corporation

A case study on how Northrop Grumman Corporation, a leading global security company that provides solutions in aerospace, electronics, information systems, and technical services, has utilized SiliconExpert’s Part Search and Bill-of-Materials management tools to reduce complexity and costs and make better part selection decisions.

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Intermec Technologies Corp

A case study on how Intermec Technologies Corp., an OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) of Supply Chain Inventory Tracking products, has utilized SiliconExpert's tools to solve its component data issues. Managing Intermec's internal database of thousands of electronic components through SiliconExpert's tools has ultimately led to increased productivity while scrubbing and monitoring bills-of-materials (BOMs) as well as significant cost savings by proactively managing component obsolescence issues.

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As a Product Design & Development Department, what SiliconExpert solutions could benefit us?
As a Procurement & Purchasing Department, what SiliconExpert solutions could benefit us?
As a Manufacturing & Production Department, what SiliconExpert solutions could benefit us?
As the Quality & Support Departments, what SiliconExpert solutions could benefit us?
As a Finance & Budgeting Department, what SiliconExpert solutions could benefit us?

"In the past, obsolescence data was limited to available/not available stats provided directly by part manufacturers. Parts were selected with little to no insight into their obsolescence lifecycle, leaving the possibility of selecting a soon-to-be obsolete part dangerously high. We’ve seen some nice savings in man hours, rather than going to a bunch of different sources, which is very time consuming, we can often just go to SiliconExpert and get the data we need right away.”

Lenny Tosto | Engineer | Northrop Grumman

"Managing our component database and keeping it updated was a daunting task. Our engineers require the latest information on the electronic components selected for our products and any lapse in the availability or freshness of the data is simply not acceptable. If it weren’t for SiliconExpert’s tools, we would still be living in the stone age.”

John Starr | Component Engineer | Intermec, Inc.

SiliconExpert gives me leads on parts I might not otherwise know about,” said Stieg. “It opens up new possibilities and helps me verify the information I get from other sources.”

Brian Stieg | Buyer | Northrop Grumman

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