Know Your Components’ Future


Developers and manufacturers of both components and final products try to keep up with consumers’ demands for faster and better gadgets. This causes a technology focus that shifts away from high-reliability, long-lifecycle components. As attention is diverted to the “new and improved” products, legacy technology is relegated to the back burner. Engineers who have designed in components to systems that have long approval cycles and even longer product use life, like automobiles, aircraft, and medical devices, find themselves in the chaotic situation of not having the parts to build their company’s products. Even less-sophisticated products that are manufactured without change for more than several years become victims to this chaos.

Advancements in Technology Bring Chaos in Procurement and Production

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Knowledge is Power

SiliconExpert offers a SaaS solution that provides the readily available, sophisticated, relevant, and up-to-the-minute data that buyers need to understand the future of their component availability.

Through a SiliconExpert BOM analysis, customers can learn which components at high risk for product change notification (PCN) and end-of-life (EOL) or availability shortages. They can also confirm the reliability of multiple sources. Information is updated faster than at any other source. Customers can access information at any time and can even set up automated alerts.