Enabling Design with On Time, Accurate Component Data

SiliconExpert and PTC have partnered to now deliver in tool, integrated SaaS-based electronics, and mechanical parts validation within your product lifecycle management system to make a company more agile in the upstream and downstream parts management of their business.  

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Better Together: SiliconExpert and PTC Deliver High-Speed Quality Data for Design Platforms and Enterprise Level Businesses

Selecting the best component in terms of viability and longevity for your BOM within the upstream design mitigates the risk of the heavy costs of change in the downstream manufacturing process. Modifying a part within the design has a significantly lower cost impact as opposed to modifying a part in the production phase, post procurement.

SiliconExpert CONNECT for Windchill
Every product BOM created or updated within Windchill should include a front-end business process flow analyzing the “health” or risk of that BOM before progressing to procurement or production.
PTC Windchill is one of the first to offer this integrated technology within a product lifecycle management system, further emphasizing our methodology and the value add of digital threaded, smarter organizations.

Universal Part Search

Search and validate orderable part numbers using the SiliconExpert validation algorithm, resulting in a list of standard parts.

Intuitive BOM Analytics

SiliconExpert CONNECT analyzes your BOM by identifying parts that might put your design at risk. With the click of a button, our proprietary algorithms will give you a thorough risk review by parrt and provide you with cross reference replacement parts.

Cross Reference Data

Find all known form-fit-function (FFF) cross-references and supplier replacements for a Manufacturer Part Number (MPN).

Additional SE CONNECT Platform Solutions

SiliconExpert partners are revolutionizing best practices for product and supply chain management. Data integration with SiliconExpert takes these EDA, PLM, RFQ and Compliance tools to the next level by allowing customers to access cross-references, component obsolescence management, REACH, and RoHS compliance, and product datasheets.

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See the type of intuitive BOM analytics we can provide through our BOM Risk assessments. Quickly assess the health of your BOM under multiple attributes such as lifecycle, multi-sourcing, compliance, and inventory. See suggested replacement parts by form, fit, function (FFF) for those parts at high risk.

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