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2021’s Most Important Regulatory Compliance Updates

Learn about new changes to compliance regulations that took effect in 2021.

A Summary of 2021’s Most Important Regulatory Compliance Updates in Under an Hour.

Attendees of the webinar will learn more about the following:

  • Global PFAS regulations in EU, U.S and Canada
  • TSCA, PIP 3:1 deadline extension and New Rulemaking on 5 PBT Chemicals
  • Proposition 65 Label Changes and new add substances.
  • SCIP Dissemination Portal launches and its importance for consumers, competitors, and the public.
  • EU REACH (Jan and July 2021) Candidate List Update.
  • UKCA Deadline Extended to 2023


  • Hani Elkotory, Senior Product Manager, SiliconExpert
  • Tamer Saeed, R&D Deputy Manager, SiliconExpert

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