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Arena Product Lifecycle Management (PLM)

Rich Part Detail Where and When you Need it Most

With today’s uncertainties, finding the best parts for your design can be quite difficult. SiliconExpert is a leader in electronic component information. Having up-to-date component information available inside a product lifecycle management client improves process flow, productivity and mitigates error to help ensure successful product design delivery. ​​​​​​​

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Better Together: Arena PLM and SiliconExpert Deliver High-Speed Quality Data for Product Lifecycle Management

Arena, a PTC Business

Arena Product Lifecycle Management (PLM) software brings product information, people, and processes together into a single enterprise platform to speed product design and development. Our Cloud PLM software is easy to use anytime and anywhere.

SiliconExpert API for Arena PLM

Arena PLM uses the SiliconExpert API to retrieve parts information to where it can be used to make strategic product decisions.  Get up-to-date information on  availability, risk, compliance and change notifications on the parts in your bill of materials.

Arena SiliconExpert Screenshot

Work in Your Native Environment

Arena uses SiliconExpert API services to bring up-to-date parts information into the native PLM interface.  Users don't need to leave Arena to research the components in their bill of materials.

Arena SiliconExpert Screenshot
SiliconExpert website on screen

Be Armed with the Latest Information

SiliconExpert has a team of 400 electronics engineers that curate a database of over one billion parts.  Supplier and manufacturer relationships that have been cultivated for more than 20 years are leveraged to to enhance the veracity of the information surrounding each component.

SiliconExpert website on screen
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Save Time and Money

Researching parts information takes more time than a lot of people realize.  Making sure that you have the correct information on a handful of components can take hours.  It doesn't make sense to pull product team resources off revenue generating projects and outsourcing still takes time while lacking organizational expertise.  Having the information brought into Arena PLM programmatically is the perfect solution.

Save time and money man pointing to a lock with money dollar sign around
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Stay Ahead of the Competition

Keeping ahead of the competition means keeping the production lines running.  Manage the lifecycle of your products with up-to-date parts information in the tool where you are comfortable working.  Identify and mitigate risk factors quickly with access to specifications and documentation.  Be agile with readily available cross references.

a leader look out of a window foresee future outlook

Additional Benefits of
SiliconExpert API Services

Arena has leveraged SiliconExpert API Services to bring the latest parts information into a leading product lifecycle management tool.  Users enjoy the ability to make informed decisions without ever having to leave Arena.  SiliconExpert API Services can be used to gather parts information and display it in the native interface of a variety of applications.

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