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Industry 4.0: Quuppa Adapts to Real-Time Changes with Arena PLM and SiliconExpert

A case study on how Quuppa, a maker of real-time location devices, leverages the integration between Arena PLM and SiliconExpert to reduce their time-to-market


Implementing the Internet of things requires a lot of electronic parts and has increased the demand for these parts considerably. There are more products than ever vying for the same components. New manufacturers have entered the market sourcing materials from new places. All parts are not
created equally, and a sea of information exists that must be investigated.

Checking ten to fifteen components would take their supplier several hours. Beyond that, passing around a spreadsheet presented other problems. They found themselves asking questions. “Is this
the latest version?” “Does this include the updates from last week?” “Which version did you update?” They needed a better solution.

“This has decreased the amount of time spent
researching parts by an order of magnitude!”

Suvi Erlund | Product Manager at Quuppa

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