Rate your resilience & improve your score

Risk Analysis Dashboard

Quantifying resilience with advanced risk analytics to drive proactive supply chain strategies. 

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Visibility that Eliminates Guesswork

Supply chains are only as strong as the intelligence they’re built on. 

  • Fewer Disruptions 
  • Increased Productivity 
  • Faster Speed to Market 

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Predictive Resilience Analytics

Proprietary Algorithm to formulate your comprehensive resilience profile 

  • 11 risk factors  
  • 100+ part characteristics 

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Intelligence That Puts You in the Driver’s Seat of Your Supply Chain

Resilience Rating’s powerful algorithm calculates 11 risk factors, the weights of which are configured by you, resulting in sophisticated, prescriptive analytics distinctive to your individual supply chain.  

That means you can count on:

Supports steps 1 & 2 of SiliconExpert’s 3 Steps to Resilience

Design for ResilienceOptimize for Resilience

Learn more about SiliconExpert's 3 Steps to Resilience.

Powered by Expansive Semiconductor Data Collected Over 23+ Years 

From Day 1, the P5 database was set up to be a leading global repository of information on electronic components. Today, a quarter of a century later, P5 continues to fuel sophisticated tools like Resilience Rating that OEMs around the world rely on to keep their production lines running. 

Leverage the POWER of the SiliconExpert

Expansive database of part information 23 years in the making and growing daily
Customizable alerts & downloadable reports
Streamlined proactive and reactive risk mitigation
Run dynamic reports for better business insights
Robust BOM management including lifecycle risk
Extensive suite of integrated digital tools
Centralized information source across teams increases overall productivity

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