Aiming to be a global leader in sensor solutions and photonics – ams acquires OSRAM

By: SiliconExpert on July 23rd, 2020

On July 9, 2020 ams AG, a leading worldwide supplier of high-performance sensor solutions announced the successful closing of their acquisition of OSRAM Licht AG (OSRAM). The deal has closed and offered price paid to all holders of the tendered shares.ams now holds 69% of all shares in OSRAM (excluding treasury shares).  The total value of this merger centers around EUR 2.7 billion. As the majority shareholder of OSRAM, ams expects to gain representation on the Supervisory Board of OSRAM. ams will announce further steps surrounding the merger strategy behind the two companies in the coming months.

Acquisition Benefit: 

Leverage the strong technology, IP, scale, cost advantages, and market position of OSRAM bundled with ams to penetrate the fields of autonomous driving, digital automotive lighting, next-generation imaging, and bio-sensing.

Focus on Opto Semiconductors and Automotive. Note: Digital is not considered part of the core business for ams.Become a global leader in sensor solutions and photonics.New breakthrough innovation areas including next-generation consumer and automotive displays such as small microLED displays with full sensor-display integration applicable for smartwatches, AR/VR and vehicles

Impacts To The Customers :

ams not set up to serve the combined customer base new European developed technology and global manufacturing sensor solutions and photonics leverage the complementary product offerings across the two companies. 

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July 23, 2020, by Nader Yousef