List of China’s Factories Impacted By COVID-19 Surge

By: SiliconExpert on April 21st, 2022

April 21, 2022 – Global concern continues to mount as COVID-19 spreads across China and city lockdowns shutdown factories. Production out of China has come grinding to a halt. 

Due to China’s Zero-COVID policy, factories and manufacturing hubs have been shut down, stranding ships in port and causing a widespread impact on the global supply chain of everything from electronics to automobiles. With factories shut down and most of the workforce in quarantine, manufacturing has been halted in most cities.  


Lockdown Impacts 

Major manufacturers for large brands have suspended work. Here is a list of the impacted manufacturers and products: 

Company NameIndustryLockdown Impacts/Delays
PegatroniPhone Assembler & Electronics ManufacturerShanghai/Kunshan Operations Suspended
Umimicron Technology Corp.Chip and PCB SupplierKunshan Operations Suspended
NIOElectric Automobile ManufacturerDelivers Suspended due to Supplier Production Shortages
Asia Electronic Material Co Ltd.Electronics ManufacturerKunshan Operations Suspended
WUS Printed Circuit Co.Printed circuit board manufacturerKunshan Subsidiaries Suspended Operations
CoretronicLED Backlight ManufacturerKunshan Operations Suspended
Wise PioneerElectronics machinery manufacturerOperations Suspended
BMWAutomobile ManufacturerShanghai Operations Suspended
TeslaElectric Automobile ManufacturerShanghai Operations Suspended
VolkswagenAutomobile ManufacturerShanghai Operations Suspended
EFUN Technology Co Ltd.Liquid Crystal Display (LCD) Part ManufacturerSuzhou Operations Suspended
How Can SiliconExpert Help?  

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We at SiliconExpert are continuing to closely monitoring China’s COVID-19 lockdowns and other COVID-19 related supply chain events to help you identify potential risks to your supply chain. 

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