CMRT 6.31 Release Available for Download

By: Joseph Lee on September 1st, 2023

The RMI recommends using CMRT v6.31 or higher for the reporting year, as it contains revisions to correct reported issues.


CMRT v6.31 includes minor revisions as follows: 

  • Minor revisions to correct reported issues including those related to “Declaration”, “Smelter List”, and “Smelter Look-up” tabs.  
  • Additionally, the changes that were made on CMRT v. 6.3 (released May 5, 2023) include:  
  • Corrections to all reported bugs and errors  
  • Updates to tips on the Instructions tabs  
  • Enhancements which do not conflict with IPC-1755A.  
  • Update to ISO short names for countries, states / provinces  
  • Updates to Smelter Reference List and Standard Smelter List 


This latest version can be downloaded here:

The next version of the CMRT is anticipated to be released in Spring 2024. 

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