The Who, What, Why and How of Approved Component Lists & Approved Manufacturer Lists

By: SiliconExpert on June 25th, 2021

All components go obsolete at some point.  The problem is identifying obsolescence across product lines and/or programs and that information making it to the people who need it in time (ex:  design) can be quite a challenge.  The good news is that there are ways to manage component obsolescence and to keep it from adversely impacting your company’s operations.


What is an Approved Components or Manufacturer List?

An Approved Components List (ACL) or Approved Manufacturer List (AML) is a companywide list of components, manufacturers and/or distributors which have been vetted and qualified for use on products or programs.


Why Have an Approved Components or Manufacturer List?

An ACL or AML that is properly managed can limit Parts Management risk, especially for new designs.  Having these lists allow you to have visibility and tight control over the parts used in your designs.  This control allows you to reduce the risk of designing risky parts into your design.


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  • Manage Obsolescence
  • Find Replacement Parts by Form/Fit/Function
  • Ensure Compliance
  • Track Lead Times
  • End of Life Forecasting
  • Avoid Counterfeit Parts
  • Sourcing the Right Parts from the Beginning
  • Manage Market Risk with Insights that Keep You Ahead of Supply Shifts

SiliconExpert ACL AML video thumbnail woman engineer working on SiliconExpert P5 platform approved components lists and approved manufacturers lists


How to Create an Approved Components List

  1. Start with a list of your current parts in use within your products/programs
  2. Find all parts that are already obsolete and remove them
  3. Find all of the parts that are NRND and remove them
  4. Remove all parts that are consider high risk for obsolescence
  5. Validate that your parts meet your qualifications
  6. Attempt to use parts that are multi-sourced
  7. Attempt to use parts that have a long estimated YTEOL


How to Implement an Approved Components List

  1. Create a policy and work instructions that require all parts used on new designs and redesigns to be selected from your new ACL
  2. Ensure no drawings are approved for release if they contain parts not on the ACL
  3. Implement an approval process for requests to add new parts to the ACL


How to Maintain an Approved Components List

  1. Keep your ACL updated by removing at risk parts on a weekly cadence- An ACL is forward looking, not a
    list of parts used on 20 year old designs
  2. Price and lead time should be monitored to ensure you are using the best parts
  3. If parts need to be requalified, that time should be inserted into your process

Stand up the right tools and processes to effectively manage your business and let SiliconExpert help you do that with an Approved Components or Manufacturer List.

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