U.S. Congress Passes CHIPS Act

By: SiliconExpert on July 29th, 2022

The United States Congress has passed the CHIPS and Science Act, paving the way for a stronger presence of the semiconductor industry in America with billions earmarked for investment. 

According to the Semiconductor Industry Association, the overall share of modern semiconductor manufacturing capacity located in the U.S. has declined from 37% in 1990 to 12% today(2022). The primary cause is the fact that other countries have invested ambitiously in chip manufacturing incentives while the U.S. government has not.  

The CHIPS Act of 2022 is focused on reinvigorating the US chip manufacturing industry in the US, with allocated investments of $54 billion for chips and public wireless supply chain innovation, including $39 billion that will go towards financial assistance to build, expand and modernize semiconductor facilities in the U.S. The bill also includes a 25% tax credit for investment into the semiconductor manufacturing industry. 

Stay Informed on Important Industry Updates 

The electronics industry is constantly changing, and with a new influx of financial capital, there are likely to be changes to manufacturing and fabrication sites.  

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