Congratulations MIT Hyperloop II Team: 1st of all US Teams @ SpaceX Hyperloop Competition IV

By: SiliconExpert on July 31st, 2019

MIT Hyperloop II team places 1st out of all the US teams and 5th internationally at the @SpaceX Hyperloop Competition IV on July 21

The MIT Hyperloop II team faced some tough challenges and triumphantly came out of the tunnel ranked #1 among the USA university teams. The Team passed every test during the week before competition day and deservedly received the Innovation Award at the July 21, 2019 Hyperloop Competition held at SpaceX in Hawthorne, California. The MIT Hyperloop II pod was the only entry based on high-speed air levitation.

The MIT Hyperloop II team is comprised of a group of multi-disciplinary researchers with backgrounds in aerospace, mechanical, electrical, and systems engineering. The pod design competition is intended to promote innovation in the monumental engineering challenge of developing the Hyperloop. The ultimate vision of the Hyperloop is to propel frictionless pods above 800mph through a partially evacuated tube. Hyperloop has the potential to transform personal and freight transportation as we know it.

The Team has worked on the pod design for many months. They overcame setbacks that actually created an opportunity to enhance the previously established specifications of many aspects of the pod. Less than four weeks before the competition, the pod experienced a catastrophic battery fire, initiating the start of the Pod Version 2 build. The frame, pneumatics, and new battery array were rebuilt 21 days before the competition. Shipment from Cambridge, Massachusetts to @SpaceX was initiated on July 8th, arriving in time for the seven days of grueling testing leading up to the day of competition. The pod passed all test as required by SpaceX.

Congratulations Team!  As a 2019 sponsor of the MIT Hyperloop II, SiliconExpert could not be prouder.