EU releases first public database of SCIP

By: SiliconExpert on September 17th, 2021

Approximately 6,000 companies in the European Union have met compliance by notifying the ECHA about products containing substances of very high concern (SVHC). This now contributes to over 4 million article notifications in the EU’s public database of substances of very high concern in products (SCIP). 

Now, for the first time, consumers can access this database of SCIPs and make informed purchasing decisions. This database is searchable by article name, brand, product category, material type, or chemical name.


Table 1: The Most Notified Product Categories in SCIP Database 

Most Notified Product Categories in SCIP Database
Machinery parts
Measurement instrument parts
Electronic equipment parts
Vehicles and their parts
Parts made of rubber
Furniture parts


Table 2: The Most Common Substances of Very High Concern 

SVHCExamples of Use
LeadBall bearings, batteries
Lead monoxideLamps, vehicle parts
Lead titanium trioxideElectric cookers and appliances
Silicid acid, Lead saltLead crystal ware, vehicle coatings
1,6,7,8,9,14,15,16,17,17,18,18-Dodecachloropentacyclo[,9.02,13.05,10]octadeca-7,15- diene, more commonly referred to as “Dechlorane PlusTM”Paints, glues


What impact does this have on your supply chain? 

SiliconExpert is updating our database with the products on this SCIP list, which allows us to forecast the impact or risks associated with components in your supply chain. 

Our intelligence and software can assist in managing your supply chain, while making sure you’re up-to-date with the latest industry news. 

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