How to Identify High Risk Parts with Open Market

By: Tara Robinson on October 17th, 2022

Supply chain management professionals and electronic engineers need to understand the various risks associated with components in their BOMs. SiliconExpert specializes in ensuring they have all available information to make critical decisions. Open Market takes this mission a step further by introducing a new classification of risk based on open market activity: High Risk Parts.

When referring to High Risk Parts on the new Open Market add-on module for SiliconExpert P5, we are discussing risk as it applies to behavioral trends on the open market. If you have not yet learned about how Open Market looks at these trends and would like further understanding, you can read about that here and then come back with that added benefit of context.

The High Risk Parts tab on the SiliconExpert Open Market module catalogues and displays critically relevant information on specific electrical components that are flagged as High Risk in the software. High risk parts are defined as those where we have seen significant interest in the recent past.

Once a part is flagged as High Risk, it will appear on the High Risk Parts list in the Open Market module (pictured below).

[caption:] Screenshot of High Risk Parts list, available on the High Risk Parts tab on Open Market by SiliconExpert

Would you be curious to see what other parts are on this High Risk Parts list? Are you wondering which of your parts might have been flagged today as being high risk? We would be happy to show you the most up-to-date data on a personalized demo from one of our experts. Click the link below to request a demo. We look forward to sharing our valuable resources with you!

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