Now Available: 2018 Eletronic Product Change Notifications Infographic

By: SiliconExpert on June 26th, 2019

Keep Pace with Product Change Alerts and Manage Component Obsolescence Risks.

In today’s global accelerated and highly technical manufacturing environment, companies must track an  ever increasing number of product change notifications.  So what happens if you don’t receive or miss a PCN?  Your supply chain and product delivery is at significant risk.

Did you know last in 2018, 57% of product changes went out with an official product change notification (PCN)?  Or that 28% of PCNs in 2018 were immediate last time buy alerts?

We’ve created an infographic detailing PCN trends in 2018. Take a look and understand:

Types of PCNs issuedEOL parts distribution per categoryPCN notification dates versus last order dateLifecycle information that is impacting your supply chain, and more.

Download the 2018 PCN Infographic today!

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Never miss another PCNScale your component management processRoute PCNs by Scope & Context: change type, product, end product, division, urgency, customer, etc.Archive all PCN activity, providing valuable information for future audits and troubleshooting!Have more time & controlAvoid unforeseen costs and low impact effort