Exclusive Insights & the Ultimate Advantage: Introducing SiliconExpert’s Newest Add-On for P5

By: Tara Robinson on September 6th, 2022


Procurement professionals and supply chain managers everywhere are always on high alert for the next major disruption, and SiliconExpert’s new tool Open Market offers the reassurance that is only truly available from one resource: time. It is critical to have as much time as possible to analyze a problem, prepare for the onslaught, and build resilience into your supply chain to ensure your production lines continue producing. It is also why access to the earliest possible indicators of impending disruptions is so critical to your supply chain resiliency program.

Imagine a major disruption has occurred, but the fallout has not hit yet. For a short time, supply chains seem strong, and no one is talking about a shortage. But disaster is brewing. When would you like to learn about it? If you could know at this point in the story, you would have enough time to make the necessary pivots while your competition remains blissfully unaware and does nothing. Open Market makes this possible.

Why Open Market is so attractive is its ability to detect disruptive market changes before they peak, give you a heads up before your competition, and add more time to your preparation runway than ever before. It does that by interpreting real-world data from the open market in a way that reveals trends known to signify specific market changes. The signals exist within the number and type of requests that are fed into the open market. Now we can read those signals and show you what they mean for your products.


Open Market is the newest product release coming from SiliconExpert. With its impressive early detection capabilities, it is already promising to shake up the electronics industry. The uniqueness of the types of insights gained from the tool, as well as the big promises attached to them, are leading to an overwhelming demand to see Open Market in action. As a result, SiliconExpert is doing something we have never done before: accepting pre-launch requests for custom product demonstrations.

The product is not yet released and already we are hearing the demand rising from our customers. That is why we wanted to offer you the opportunity to reserve and confirm one of the first available demos. The tool is not yet available, but you can still go ahead and submit an early request right now to schedule your personalized demo, be first in line to access the tool, and see what all the fuss is about.

Learn more about Open Market and reserve your personalized demo today!

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