It’s Easier than Ever to Find the Right Part

By: SiliconExpert on June 16th, 2023

Smart Search for Electronic Components

SiliconExpert’s Part Search is a powerful tool that helps engineers find the right electronic components quickly and easily. The browse feature allows users to quickly narrow down their search results by entering only a few letters or numbers. You can find parts by part number, product category or manufacturer.  As soon as you start typing, a list of results appears below:

SiliconExpert P5 Part Search

The problem with most search functionality is that it assumes that we know what we’re looking for.  Manufacturers often refer to like parts differently. This makes it very difficult to use definitive search terms to find every instance of a component.

With the width and depth of component data we have in the SiliconExpert parts database, it was essential we drive value through innovative ways to quickly focus on subsets.  We normalize data over more than 700 product lines using three fundamental techniques: 

  • Engineering -Based Rules: More than two decades of engineering experience informs the building of rules from keywords and synonyms to classify products. 
  • Suppliers Taxonomy Mapping: These rules drive a proprietary engine that automatically normalizes manufacturer taxonomy to our classification system. 
  • Machine Learning: Advanced statistical model trained by our large collection of datasheets predicts taxonomy. 

We didn’t stop there. Our product browsing capability makes it even easier to find parts.  Our category taxonomy is presented as a tree, allowing end users to drill down to quickly show a list of various sub-categories without ever having to refresh the screen. 

In addition, our search bar provides the ability to narrow focus by product category or manufacturer.  Normalization provides coherent data.  Our electronic product attribute data, including the product category, further enables you to search and compare millions of electronic products with hundreds of attributes within minutes.  For more information, go to our Taxonomy Page.

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The browse feature is a valuable tool that can help engineers save time and frustration when searching for electronic components.

It is one of the many features that make SiliconExpert's Part Search the most powerful and comprehensive electronic component search engine available.

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