The Wait is Over: Resilience Rating is NOW AVAILABLE!

By: SiliconExpert on July 24th, 2023

After years of preparation and thousands of hours of research and development, SiliconExpert is proud to officially announce the availability of the newest addition to our Supply Chain Solutions: Resilience Rating. 


Custom demonstrations of the advanced risk analytics behind Resilience Rating are now being offered by request. Submit your interest today to see it live! 

Why OEMs Want to Know Their Resilience Rating 

When OEMs were subjected to an onslaught of one unprecedented global disruption after another, they were caught by surprise, realizing they were not ready to combat this level of unpredictability. Unfortunately, the new heightened state of uncertainty is here to stay, and even forecasted to worsen as geopolitical complications, changing weather patterns, and a variety of other evolving risks continue to add complexity to the situation. 


To thrive in this new climate, we need tools new tools: tools that enhance visibility into risk factors that threaten the supply chain, tools that allow us to identify our vulnerabilities so we can fortify our businesses and prepare for growth. Resilience Rating is a powerful tool that does this, and more. 


Machine Learning & Advanced Analytics 

Resilience Rating acts as a digital beacon, shining light on the biggest threats an OEM is facing, so that strategic actions can be taken to correct shortage issues before they occur. The power of the tool stems from its ability to generate sophisticated predictive analytics. With Resilience Rating, it is now possible to quantify the level of resilience in your supply chain, quickly pinpoint the risk factors that are negatively affecting your score, and for which parts across your BOMs. It is through the process of tracking and measuring these various threats that reliable resilience can be systematically built, with accuracy that perpetually increases over time.  

Images from Resilience Rating dashboard, illustrating a potentially problematic part with a breakdown of individual risk factor scores.

Caption: Images from Resilience Rating dashboard, illustrating a potentially problematic part with a breakdown of individual risk factor scores.

Much More than a Number 

There is incredible value in establishing a benchmark rating so that resilience can be strategically increased via data-backed proactive initiatives. There is also great value in having that number to monitor to ensure an established baseline of resilience for your organization is never breached. However, there is much more to Resilience Rating beyond the number. It also provides meaningful intelligence to drive proactive decision-making, plus has built-in capabilities for customization with adaptability to align to your business objectives.  


With the possibilities available from a single digital tool, Resilience Rating is one of the most seamless, simplest ways to amplify your digital transformation journey and accelerate your supply chain resilience program.  


See It in Action 

See what it looks like to unlock the incredible potential of Resilience Rating and learn how this simple tool will make a significant impact on your business. 

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