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Altium 365

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Altium 365 is taking electronic component management to the next level with an exciting new integration: SiliconExpert.

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Better Together: Altium & SiliconExpert

Altium 365

Altium, a global leader in electronics design systems, is integrating with SiliconExpert, to empower engineers with direct access to comprehensive, real-time component data right within their Altium's design tools.

SiliconExpert API for Altium 365

SiliconExpert's data on over a billion electronic parts, grants Altium 365 users access to detailed component information, from the simplest resistors to the most complex ICs. The data, sourced directly from manufacturers, helps ensures unparalleled accuracy and reliability in decision-making.

Direct Integration into Altium 365

The SiliconExpert integration in Altium 365 allows for the direct access to extensive electronic component data directly within the design environment or in the Altium 365 WebViewer. This integration is vital for all stakeholders seeking an uncluttered workspace with all the necessary information at their fingertips.

Comprehensive Data

SiliconExpert offers data on over a billion electronic parts, including everything from basic resistors to complex integrated circuits. This comprehensive database is invaluable for everyone who needs access to a wide range of component information.

With access to data on over a billion electronic parts, SiliconExpert offers an invaluable resource for all stakeholders. This comprehensive database is essential in various stages of product development and procurement, ensuring that all decisions are backed by thorough information.

Accurate and Reliable

Maintaining high-quality data is at the core of SiliconExpert’s offering. Regular updates and strict data integrity protocols ensure that all stakeholders, from procurement to design, work with the most current and reliable component information.

Improved Risk Analysis

SiliconExpert’s risk analysis parameters provide a range of critical metrics. These parameters are vital for all team members involved in strategic decision-making, allowing for a complete view of potential risks and avenues for mitigation throughout the product development and procurement processes.

Discovering Alternatives

Navigating supply chain complexities and identifying part alternatives can often be a tedious task. The SiliconExpert integration simplifies this process by aiding in the discovery of the most suitable alternative parts for your project. The intuitive rating system provides at-a-glance insights into the viability of potential replacements, including considerations such as pin mapping compatibility.



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