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Enabling Design with On Time, Accurate Component Data

SiliconExpert is today’s leading unified development and administrative support suite for semiconductor and mechanical parts management from design to end of life.

With SiliconExpert CONNECT, Zuken eCADSTAR design engineers can get in the platform with a simple click, and access the critical parts data to make informed decisions for complete design.

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Better Together: SiliconExpert and Zuken Deliver High-Speed Quality Data for Design Platforms and Enterprise Level Businesses

Zuken works with global companies to optimize their electrical and electronic engineering design processes, and their related manufacturing challenges through leading-edge software, product portfolio, and consulting services.


SiliconExpert CONNECT for eCADSTAR
eCADSTAR provides a borderless electronic design environment that connects the engineering desktop with comprehensive online design, manufacturing services, and online educational content.

Key Feature

SiliconExpert CONNECT identifies potential risk using our design and component libraries via our embedded service. From life-cycle classification and compliance information to crosses, stock levels, and pricing data, your engineers can have access to reliable data to drive their decisions and streamline design processes.

Universal Part Search

Search and validate orderable part numbers using the SiliconExpert validation algorithm, resulting in a list of standard parts.

Intuitive BOM Analytics

SiliconExpert CONNECT analyzes your BOM by identifying parts that might put your design at risk. With the click of a button, our proprietary algorithms will give you a thorough risk review by part and provide you with cross reference replacement parts.

Cross Reference Data

Find all known form-fit-function (FFF) cross-references and supplier replacements for a Manufacturer Part Number (MPN).

Additional SE CONNECT Platform Solutions

SiliconExpert partners are revolutionizing best practices for product and supply chain management. Data integration with SiliconExpert takes these EDA, PLM, RFQ and Compliance tools to the next level by allowing customers to access cross-references, component obsolescence management, REACH, and RoHS compliance, and product datasheets.

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See the type of intuitive BOM analytics we can provide through our BOM Risk assessments. Quickly assess the health of your BOM under multiple attributes such as lifecycle, multi-sourcing, compliance, and inventory. See suggested replacement parts by form, fit, function (FFF) for those parts at high risk.

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