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Perceptual AI: The Next Driver of Electronic Systems

Global Digital Dialogue Keynote

Can you remember a time when microprocessors and microcontrollers were not ubiquitous?  Well, in 20 years or so, we’ll be asking ourselves a similar question:  Can you recall a time when our devices and systems didn’t have the ability to understand the world around them – including understanding us?  “Perceptual AI” is artificial intelligence that operates on real-world data, such as images, audio and video.

In this talk, Jeff Bier, Founder of the Edge AI and Vision Alliance and President of BDTI, will explain why perceptual AI is proliferating in embedded systems, and will showcase some leading-edge applications that illustrate the powerful capabilities that perceptual AI enables.  Jeff will also highlight some of the challenges that electronic systems companies must overcome to successfully incorporate AI into their products.

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