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SiliconExpert offers a custom scalable solution for any business size and industry.

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Core Products

SiliconExpert delivers a customizable set of products and services that align to the key functional areas driving the product lifecycle plan, from design to sustainment.

Universal Part Search

Search 1 Billion electronic components for cross-references, lifecycle, parametric, obsolescence management (forecasts), regulation compliance, and inventory data.

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BOM Manager

Manage BOMs from a centralized location and proactively monitor the risk factors that affect your business. A subscription to BOM Manager gives you the ability to make more informed decisions in your data management process.

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SiliconExpert Connect

SiliconExpert has partnered with leading companies to embed our native software into design engineering tools. By staying close to the engineers, we can now serve you directly in you design and PLM environment.

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Access comprehensive component data directly within your own engineering solutions, including PLM, ERP, design, or CAD tools. Our data is updated daily, so you trust it has the latest information.

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Add-on Options

SiliconExpert offers a broad set of add on modules and products to deliver a complete solution for design to sustainment efficiency and business growth.

Compliance Module

Actively monitor more than 20 regulations to ensure you are current on today’s regulatory landscape and meet tomorrow’s challenges and rule changes.

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Properly managed lists of approved components and manufacturers reduce the likelihood of risky parts being added to your design. Build metrics for a holistic view of the state of your supply chain.

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Professional Services

Receive unmatched support from more than 500 engineers who are dedicated to saving you weeks and even months of data analysis.

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Allow SiliconExpert to customize a package that fits your business, your needs, and your budget.

"This supplier has pushed out the delivery date on this part by 12 weeks. We’ve got to do a build in two weeks. They’re going to miss their delivery date. How do we have to scramble to get an alternate part onto the BOM that we can use? For that, [SiliconExpert] is absolutely invaluable. It’s well worth every penny.”

Dan Rhodes, VP of Engineering | Soberlink Alcohol Monitoring

"Managing our component database and keeping it updated was a daunting task. Our engineers require the latest information on the electronic components selected for our products and any lapse in the availability or freshness of the data is simply not acceptable.  If it weren’t for SiliconExpert’s tools, we would still be living in the stone age."

John Starr | Component Engineer | Intermec, Inc.

"In the past, obsolescence data was limited to available/not available stats provided directly by part manufacturers. Parts were selected with little to no insight into their obsolescence lifecycle, leaving the possibility of selecting a soon-to-be-obsolete part dangerously high. We’ve seen some nice savings in man-hours, rather than going to a bunch of different sources, which is very time consuming, we can often just go to SiliconExpert and get the data we need right away."

Lenny Tosto | Engineer | Northrop Grumman

"In the movement to normalize processes, our teams recognized SiliconExpert as the tool that helped us achieve a lot more than expected during our data transition phase. With access to unparalleled amounts of unbiased and complete component data, we immediately realized how much potential time and money could be saved just with the BOM Manager alone. With everything considered, SiliconExpert presented the fastest and best solution."

Erwan Rivet | Director of Engineering | Honeywell

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