If You’re Waiting for the PCN,
It May Be Too Late

By: SiliconExpert on August 26th, 2021

The impetus to purchase components for electronic products often comes in the form of a product change notice (PCN).  Manufacturers will let people know when they intend to discontinue components, but that notice doesn’t always give a lot of lead time if any.

SiliconExpert is in the business of tracking PCNs and has found that about one out of every four were related to part numbers with a last time buy date of “immediately”.  If you are unlucky enough to get this notification after your competition, it can have dire financial impact.

Accuracy of our EOL Algorithm

Proactive PCN Alerts is a step in the right direction and SiliconExpert can certainly help with that, but a better solution is to forecast the end of life of a component before it happens.  With more than two decades worth of information to mine, our Years to End of Life (Y-to-EOL) algorithm can help you avoid obsolescence risks and keep production lines running. 

Co-developed with The Center for Advanced Lifecycle Engineering, the algorithm is a reliable predictor of how long a component should remain available. How reliable, you ask? Find out the overall accuracy of SiliconExpert’s Y-to-EOL algorithm by downloading our whitepaper, Years to End of Life: How Reliable is EOL Forecasting?


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