Severe Floods Impact Malaysian Manufacturing

By: SiliconExpert on January 10th, 2022

Heavy rains have swept across much of Malaysia causing severe flash floods and displacing thousands. With more than 30 districts across the country being impacted by the flooding, the Malaysian Disaster Management Agency has reported the displacement of over 100,000 people. 

Malaysia is considered a critical part of the global electronics supply chain and serves as hub for semiconductor packaging, making up a tenth of the sector’s global trade. These floods are likely to compound the existing supply chain bottlenecks already impacting the industry.       

We have put together a list of businesses reporting damage and disruptions below: 

Malaysia Flood Damages
BusinessesReported Impact
BE SemiconductorProduction halted at main production facility in Shah Alam. Final assembly of approximately 60 die-attach systems was halted temporarily.
Panasonic Production halted at Kuala Lumpur Factory
Daihatsu Operations suspended at two Perodua plants.
Nihon Dempa KogyoSuspension of production at “Asian NDK Crystal SDN” and “NDK Quartz Malaysia SDN” factories.
Misumi MalaysiaPotential delays to shipments
Stay Alert to Supply Chain Events 

During the past year, there has been no shortage of natural disasters ranging from hurricanes, tornadoes & typhoons, to floods & earthquakes. Unfortunately, there is no way to predict these kinds of events, however, through Silicon Expert’s Supply Chain Risk Manager, you can be alerted to parts that could be impacted by this event and others.  

To learn more about our SCRM tool – click here. If you’re a current SiliconExpert customer, contact your support rep for more information on how to use the supply chain features or contact us using the link below. 

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