Siemens EDA - EDM Library Part Search with SiliconExpert

Make Strategic Design Decisions with Up-to-Date Parts Information

SiliconExpert offers a repository of parts data, curated by hundreds of electronics engineers and enhanced through machine learning to provide current information.

This information is directly importable into Siemens EDA, saving both time and cost associated with revising designs after review.

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Better Together: SiliconExpert and Siemens EDA Deliver High-Speed Quality Data for Design Platforms

Siemens EDA

Siemens EDA enables companies to develop better electronic products faster and more cost-effectively. Their innovative products, services, and solutions help engineers conquer design and verification challenges in the increasingly complex worlds of board and chip design.  

SiliconExpert for Siemens EDA

SiliconExpert Sync allows a user to search parts in the SiliconExpert database. Multiple parts can be compared on one screen with highlighted differences. New part requests can be initiated to bring parts from the SiliconExpert database into the Xpedition EDM Library. Parts information can be synchronized through background process to keep them up to date. Thresholds trigger alerts to interested parties when the design is jeopardized through a change in part viability.

Access to Additional Parts

Extend your part search past your EDM Library to SiliconExpert's curated database of over one billion parts. Compare the parts in which you are interested, side by side. See information about obsolescence, lead times, counterfeit notices and more. Scanning a bill of materials (BoM) before the design review can save time and cost when bringing a new product to market.

New Part Requests

Review the latest information of the parts that you are considering. Find compliance and obsolescence data. You can even open the datasheet right from the compare window.

Once you've compared parts from SiliconExpert, you can add them to your EDM Library for access by other stakeholders in the design process. Simply click on the New Part Request Button.

Sync Data, Update Parts Information

A background process runs on a schedule to update the parts information for your BoM. Highlight the differences between the information in your EDM Library and that found in the SiliconExpert database. Rest assured that your design contains the latest information curated by hundreds of electronics engineers and enhanced through machine learning.

Notification Services

Get notified when part information changes. Set thresholds to trigger alerts to make necessary changes to your design proactively.


Additional Benefits of
SiliconExpert API Services

SiliconExpert partners are revolutionizing best practices for product and supply chain management. Data integration with SiliconExpert takes these EDA, PLM, RFQ and Compliance tools to the next level by allowing customers to access cross-references, component obsolescence management, REACH, and RoHS compliance, and product datasheets.

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See the type of intuitive BOM analytics we can provide through our BOM Risk assessments. Quickly assess the health of your BOM under multiple attributes such as lifecycle, multi-sourcing, compliance, and inventory. See suggested replacement parts by form, fit, function (FFF) for those parts at high risk.

Download the Sample BOM Report

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