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SiliconExpert builds and maintains a comprehensive database of datasheets, part specs, and cross references between electronic and electromechanical manufacturer parts and their Form-Fit-Function. SiliconExpert also gathers pricing and inventory and price breaks and lead time from authorized distributors globally to produce part availability data, including minimum and average pricing, Lead times, and Availability Risk.



SiliconExpert maintains a large database of components and suppliers, with hundreds of data attributes that are maintained, updated and expanded every day. However, many companies have specialized, uncommon data requirements that emerge over time, that include regulatory compliance requirements, technical specs standardization projects, data consolidation upon merges and acquisitions, and many more.



GeoRisk Dashboard
The GeoRisk dashboard tracks locations of wafer, fabs, test and assembly sites for companies that use semi-conductors. It tracks the risk that is a consequence of events happening in the world such as political unrest, geographical climate changes and disasters. It is a tool that allows users to take mitigative steps by viewing locations of alternative suppliers that have wafer, fabs, test and assembly sites in more favorable locations or to confirm the suppliers they rely on have sites in other locations.



Market Forecast
Market Forecast is a tool that provides short term predictions of shortages and significant price changes of electrical and electronic components. Predictions are made and continually adjusted based on comprehensive attributes, in addition to the findings of statistical and artificial intelligence. By focusing on attributes that effect a customers’ supply chain, Market Forecast gives users an opportunity to conduct due diligence on risk mitigation at the component level.

Designed for Customers with Advanced Support Needs

Competitive Analytics

Our Supplier Competitive Analytics Tool is aimed at component manufacturers who would like to gain deeper insights into the competitive market.  Through a set of APIs and dashboards, manufacturers have access to  cross referenced competitive part information, technology status and market trends of parts over time. 

Cost Management

Our Cost Management Tool and Services provides customize dashboards and online reports on cost reduction, cost negotiation, consolidation of FFF components and sourcing opportunities across multiple designs.

Alert Manager

Alert Manager is a collaborative PCN Management Database that stores customer AVL and BOM PCNs and lifecycle changes.   Through proactive alerts, provided workflows, task assignments, and task tracking, organizations are enabled to effectively and efficiently the impacts and risks of EOL notices and PCNs.

Data Scrubbing

Legacy databases and part libraries are plagued with outdated part numbers, datasheets and incorrect lifecycle status. With SiliconExpert data scrubbing services we refresh your database with real time parts data by matching every customer part through our 1 billion part plus database. If a part is unknown, we find and validate your parts data.

Compliance Roll Up Reporting



SiliconExpert offers timely ROHS data collection projects, that enable companies to identify parts that do not comply with the 2011/65/EU, 2015/863 Version of the ROHS that regulates that ten materials. SiliconExpert collects ROHS3 Certificates of Compliance, or Full Material Disclosures from Suppliers, to determine the latest ROHS status for each component, and whether any exemptions apply.



SiliconExpert maintains a comprehensive database as it relates to REACH Regulation (EC) No. 1907/2006. REACH Substances of Very High Concern (SVHC) are released by ECHA, approximately every 6-months, and SiliconExpert maintains a complete list of REACH substances and whether a given manufacturer part is affected or not affected. Through the collection of Certificate of Compliance and/or Full Material Disclosures, SiliconExpert can also provide collection services to cover your data gaps.


Conflict Minerals

As per Section 1502 of the Dodd Frank Act, SiliconExpert provides CMRT Data Collection Services, CMRT validation algorithms, smelter consolidation and normalization, identify smelter status, and provide aggregated CMRT services. SiliconExpert can help our Clients report out to the SEC or to generate a consolidated CMRT to cover their supply chain and be able to report out to their customers.


Environmental Compliance Rollup

With the many global and regional regulations that our customers must address and adhere to, SiliconExpert provides customized rollup reports for the many compliance regulations. This will help our customers more easily determine if their Bill of Materials is compliant or not.



Electronic Product Environmental Assessment Tool (EPEAT) – is a global register for the greener electronics. It is based on the IEEE standard 1680.1-2018 - Standard for Environmental and Social Responsibility Assessment of Computers and Displays. Manufacturers register products in EPEAT based on the devices’ ability to meet required and optional criteria that address the full product lifecycle, from design and production to energy use and recycling.

SiliconExpert currently manages two of the criteria that supports the EPEAT registration: Criterion – Requesting Substance Inventory (SI) & Criterion - Acquiring & Processing Substance Inventory (SI).


SCIP Regulatory Services

Beginning January 5, 2021, EU manufacturers and assemblers, EU importers, and EU distributors of articles containing SVHC above 0.1% weight by weight (w/w), will be required to submit a dossier into the SCIP Database (Substances of Concern In articles as such or in complex objects (Products)).

SiliconExpert offers a solution to manage the SCIP requirements, by outsourcing to SiliconExpert, the data collection, validation of that data, creation of the SCIP dossier, and upload of the dossier on a customer’s behalf, as well as the ongoing maintenance of this process.

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